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For the brave and curious outlier of traditional dating and relationships. We welcome the ethically non-monogamous, queer, kinksters, and curious allies to all learn and grow together!


"Make Love" The Podcast is the official podcast of the Uncaged Hearts Community, sharing public bi-weekly episodes that are lessons in love, sex, and relationships. 

INSIDE the Mighty Network you get access to exclusive community only weekly livestream interviews that are either a QA about the recently released episode or an interview with a special guest!


*You have your own profile

*Direct messaging

*Can join topics to be a part of that feed & group chat

*See & Attend Members Only Events!


*Weekly peer support group hang

*Monthly In-Person Social

*Various Specialty Zoom and In-Person Events


*Quarterly Pod Coaching/6 Week Group Courses

*Individual Coaching Available 

You Should Join If...

You want to meet other openhearted and openminded people to connect with, befriend, and date. We are a community that goes off of ethics of the heart, being consent based, that love is caring, and that love is love. 

We believe in kindness, empathy, inclusivity, and diversity. We believe in celebrating our differences and supporting one another's journey in conscious sexuality and dating.

Rules & Guidelines

1. WE ARE CONSENT BASED. Don't assume someone you like likes you back or is up for being pursued romantically or sexually. Connect with someone publically, such as on the public feed in the comments, in the community chatbox, or at an online or in-person event before DMing them. If someone doesn't write back, then don't attempt to continue to reach out. Never touch anyone, even a hug, without asking them first. You never know where the other person is at personally and they may not be up for touch or conversation in general, or with you, and that needs to be okay. Respecting people's boundaries is key.

2. WE ARE NOT A SEX CLUB OR A PORN SITE. Please do not join expecting to post or view nude images or porn. Please do not join expecting nudity or sexual situations with the members.


3. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE SEXUAL HARASSMENT. This is to be a safe space where people don't have to worry about being objectified or inappropriately hit on. Keep comments appropriate regardless of how sexy the topic might be.

4. WE DO NOT TOLERATE BULLYING. We believe in kindness. If someone says something unknowingly problematic (which, we all probably have at one time or another) then it is fine to compassionately make your argument, as we are all for the sharing of ideas and growing together. However, it is not okay to insult, degrade, or harass someone.

5. NO SOLICITING SEXWORK OR ONLYFANS ETC. You may include your website, ad sites, onlyfans, etc in your profile so that if someone wants to go there they can, however, we ask that you not promote hiring you for sexwork in the feed or post nude images.

If we feel you have broken any of these guidelines then we have the right to immediately remove you for the safety of the community.

No refunds will be given.

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