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My name is Audria,

I've created a space where you can join me to converse and learn with our other openhearted and openminded peers!

We are a group of diverse, progressive, intellectual sensualists. We vary in our lifestyles and celebrate our authentic uniqueness, while having in common that we are all about equality, kindness, consent, connection and growth!

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About Our Team

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Audria O'Neill





Audria (she/her) is a community creator, group facilitator, podcaster, and teacher of a mindful and compassionate, progressive approach to sexuality and relationships that empower individuals to be true to themselves and find the right people to have in their lives.

Audria has completed numerous certifications in interpersonal skills, group facilitation, relationship counseling, mindfulness techniques, and life coaching while studying in Ireland, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia from 2016 - 2021.

In her previous project she developed a mini series podcast "Make Love" where she explains the core concepts of "conscious" sexuality - which is not to be confused with an act, but instead a way of living as your authentic self, exploring in responsible and considerate ways, and lovingly setting boundaries.


Victoria Gerdts



Victoria Gerdts (she/her) is a bilingual social worker, death doula, and sex therapist experienced in working with people living with disability and chronic illness, sex workers, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, reproductive issues, grief and loss, and people struggling with cultural identity and trauma due to immigration, race/ethnicity, multigenerational trauma, and attachment issues.


She provides support to individuals, couples, and various kink/ethically non-monogaous relationship structures to guide them towards sexual wellness and health with an emphasis on communication, pleasure, and intimacy.


She is also an advocate in combating stigma in regards to STIs and providing education on safe disclosures. Her work has been presented nationally at sexual health conferences and centers on radical justice, anti-colonial, feminist, and multicultural frameworks.


Daniel Lee



Daniel (he/him) is a Case Manager at a family domestic violence intervention program in Los Angeles. Previously, he was a Managing Director of Multi-Cultural Professional Development workshops.

Daniel is an advocate for the rights and protections of sex workers as well as for the survivors of sexual violence. He has completed numerous self-development workshops that emphasized living authentically, creating connection through communication, and addressing different attachment styles.

Daniel believes that creating safe spaces with trauma informed care allows individuals to safely explore one’s physical, emotional, and creative needs for self-expression.


Jazmin Wu



Jazmin Wu, also known as Empress, is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix.  Best known for radical theories about BDSM, and her teachings on empowerment. Jazmin's journey into the world of FemDom began in 2012, and since have been seen gracing the pages of magazines, hosting luxury fetish events, and uniting women in charge everywhere!

Jazmin has a deep passion for rope bondage, female lead erotica, and sexual psychology. You can find her curating art-fetish photoshoots, teaching Women about the FemDom lifestyle, and hosting elite kink lifestyle parties all over the globe.


Jazmin believes that BDSM is a unique tool that can be harnessed to pursue better physical, emotional, and mental health. In her practice as a Dominatrix she likes to challenge concepts of guilt and shame by fostering a safe environment fueled by radical acceptance.

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