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Tantra is Not About Sex

Updated: Mar 4

“Intimacy is not about gymnastics in the bedroom, it is about opening your heart” -Ishi

Learning Tantra is not about sexual tips and tricks to make sex more intense. You learn Tantra to heal so you can open your heart fully, be completely in the present moment, fully give, fully receive, and thus enter into a trance like state of divine connection and bliss when communing with another person.

Thus, Tantra is a divine way of living life where you see every moment as sacred and connect deeply to everyone and everything.

If you wish to separate the spiritual component of Tantra, and make it about technique then you continue to live in your mind, making sex mechanical instead of effortless graceful.

When you are truly studying Tantra you go through a journey of your emotions, healing the core wounds we experience as humans.

Boundaries > Rejection > Shame > Abandonment

These are the core that must be worked on to then move forward.

When a person insists they need not address or ever look at these parts of them, then it creates a lack of empathy and understanding when others are experiencing their own wounds. Being unaware of our triggers makes us unconsciously act out and never really get anywhere, spinning our wheels in destructive behaviour patterns.

Tantra is not about sex,

it is about love, love for everything and everyone.

Lasting an hour or more in bed is not what would make a woman stay in the relationship. What matters and would make someone stay has to do with if they feel wanted, listened to even when they aren't speaking in words, and nurtured.

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