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Ideal Sexual Hygiene

Both men & women, please please educate yourselves on how keep a female healthy and having the best sex life possible. Most women do not disclose when they experience infections (which can be very often and dangerous for their overall long term health if they do have recurrent infections). Your female partner may not be currently sensitive to infections, but bodies change over time and so prevention and good habits are ideal, especially since all partners bodies are different so just because your current partner may not be sensitive doesn't mean she won't become sensitive or that future partners will not have sensitive bodies. Be considerate and prevent her awkward feelings, discomfort and pain, future health issues, and her avoidance of sex.

At the end of this list of information on female infections you will find the ultimate guide to an ideal preventative routine!


Symptoms: a feeling of the need for frequent urination even though it's very little urine, burning when you urinate, sometimes slight blood in the urine, and lower abdominal pain.

Causes: Bacteria entering the urethra (the urethra is located in between the vaginal opening and the clitoris)


-Drink plenty of water to be having your bladder thoroughly cleansing out any bacteria

-Everyday take 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar.

-Both you and your sexual partner(s) wash your genitals (including the anus), hands (30 seconds with soap and under the fingernails), and mouths (thoroughly wash out all traces of mouthwash, toothpaste, or mints) before these body parts coming into contact with the vulva considering it's impossible to avoid contact with the urethra when interacting with the pussy

-Don't wash the actual vulva with anything but water

-Use only natural lubricants (see below for details on what makes a good or bad lube)

-Urinate immediately after sex

-Take a cranberry supplement every day

-Recommended Cranberry Supplement: Ellura - the best doctor recommended supplement available without a prescription

-See a Urologist if you get consistent UTIs


-For immediate relief you can sit in a warm bath (make sure you wash the bathtub and wipe your feet before you enter the bath) with some drops of lavender oil and coconut oil.

-You can dilute apple cider vinegar and then pour the mixture onto the vulva.

-Drink tons of water.

-Drink cranberry juice (I've surprisingly consistently found Oceanspray Cranberry juice to be the MOST effective and is luckily available at most gas stations).

-Take 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar twice a day.

-Take Cystex as prescribed. Usually starts bringing relief within a few hours.

-Go to the doctors to be prescribed an antibiotic.


Symptoms: vaginal discomfort, itchy vagina, vaginal dryness, and a thick white discharge (a toothpaste consistency), pain during sex, easily getting tears from penetrative sex.

Causes: an imbalance of the healthy and unhealthy bacteria inside the vagina. Can be caused by internal factors such as too much sugar and yeast promoting foods or caused by external factors such as unhealthy elements being introduced to the vagina.


-Avoid eating too much sugar, white flour products, products with yeast within it such as beer, and dairy products.

-Everyday take 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar.

-Avoid using too many antibiotics which kill the healthy flora along with the unhealthy flora

-Take a probiotic daily by mouth (especially if you have to take antibiotics)

-You can also insert a probiotic vaginally at night

-Make sure to choose a probiotic that specifies it has the strains specific for vaginal health

-Recommended Probiotic: Femdopholis


-Stop eating all sugar, flour products, and dairy.

-Take 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar twice a day.

-Avoid sex.

-Take many probiotics and/or eat plain greek yogurt.

-Insert a probiotic capsule up into the vagina (optionally with diluted lavender oil on your finger).

-Can try over the counter yeast products.

-Visit a doctor for appropriate medication.


Symptoms: Strong fishy smell, thin liquidy greenish yellowish discharge, vaginal discomfort, and lower abdominal pain.

Causes: A change of the pH in the vagina. Usually caused by external factors such as bacteria entering the vagina or semen in the vagina.


-Wash any parts of the body either of you plan on entering into the vagina such as a penis, hands, sex toys, tongue, and always the anus since bacteria from this area can easily slip into the vaginal area.

-Don't allow a male partner to ejaculate inside you. This causes a change in the pH of your vaginal flora (BV is specifically caused by a wrong pH in the vagina).

-Insert Boric Acid Supplements into the vagina at night (never orally). You can use them once every few days for regulation or everyday for up to 14 days if you suspect you have BV.


-Avoid sex.

-Pour a concoction of diluted apple cider vinegar over the vulva or can take a bath with diluted apple cider vinegar and lavender oil drops in in a clean bath (make sure the bathtub and your feet are clean before entering the bath).

-Insert Boric Acid into the vagina (optionally with diluted lavender oil on your finger) every night for up to 14 nights.

-Visit a doctor for the appropriate medicine.


1. Eat a healthy diet with little sugar, white flour products, and dairy.

2. Drink plenty of water to keep the bladder flushing itself out of bacteria.

3. Only wear cotton underwear (where at least the part for your actual vulva is cotton). If you want to wear special sexy underwear for your partner then change into them before getting intimate with your partner).

4. Everyday take a cranberry supplement, probiotic with strains meant for the vagina and or eat plain greek yogurt daily, and take 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar.

5. Wash at least your genital area (including the anus) and hands with soap for 30 seconds.

6. If you shave your genitals then shave with feminine soap since the soap is so close to the vulva.

7. Cleanse the vulva out with only water.

8. Brush your teeth and/or rinse with mouthwash if you plan on giving head since you need your spit to be clean before it potentially coming into contact with your genitals (such as you giving oral to a penis and then inserting that penis inside you). Wash your mouth out thoroughly to get rid of all traces of sugar and alcohol.